Friday, November 14, 2008

Mr. Ricky is not on the right mood..

Today is the 3rd seminar held by IBM student and my group is chosen as the debater group.Everything was fine until i notice that mr.Ricky (The Head of IBM Program) is on the bad mood..
(sorry for the blurs)

geezz..i dont want to make trouble with him. my group did not realize the alarm's ring in our head. As soon as the seminar was ended, we become so relieved until then we spoke in BAHASA. Mr. Ricky hates his student speak BAHASA in IBM lounge,especially if the students are next to him.
There are 4 of us which were on the same room with him and the presenter group. We did not know that actually Mr. Ricky was giving feedbacks to presenter groups. we laughed, we spoke in BAHASA and there he was, became so pissed off and yelled to us!!

R: "First you are annoying and second, you are speaking in BAHASA in FRONT of me.. not less than a metre! What are you guys trying to say actually?!!!?? haaa?! what are you trying to say to me? CHRISTINE, what are trying to say to me??!!...."

C,I,E,L : "............."

At the time when mr.Ricky yelled at us esp. me, i was so shocked and could not think or even said sorry to him..we stared at him and have smaller guts to continue our "laughing" inside the student lounge..

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