Thursday, November 27, 2008

healing period

After having sickness, i am getting better day by day and today i feel i am 85% recovered. :)

On my way to uni yesterday, i found out that i actually have many wrinkless!!!!! noooooohhhhhh!!!!
i remembered cie fefe said that after having your "before 20s period", you will face "20s to upper problems" which is WRINKLES.

ughhhhh.....i have it on the photo :
it was the photo taken yesterday, and after edit...hiks..i cannot bare the image of my own wrinkles to be spread among you guys..hiks.. T.T

anyway, today i am feeling a bit better than yesterday. i was having French-oral test this afternoon, and of course i can speak french a little more acceptable than before..just a little not expect me to be an expert on that thing..geez.. it is already hard to believe that i can actually know few french's word and it means nothing.LOL.

i went to TP for stressing my eyes and leg on window Shopping and then went to BG Junction, searching for my friend's shop, but i could not find it....

and this is what i wore today.. i was starting to think that sickness can make your laziness going up into a higher level esp. in "dressing-up" because i found out that my outfit today is so-effortlessly-not-chic and closer-to beggar's.

i was wearing daddy's shirt, black tie used as belt, black legging, black shoes

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