Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i was having a heavy flu right from last Saturday. i skip Research Method class and went home with a full-red face and a heavy fever. Eventually i feel dizzy. i was trying to sleep until my dad gave me the medicine. after taking the medicine, i feel so okay and that's why i began to prepare myself for shopping in Saturday night (just like what i had posted in previous posting).

However, after i arrived at my house, my fever was getting worse. Hardly shaking in cold made me could not sleep even for a minute.
The next day in the morning, i missed church-ing and dad told me to stay at home.
on the evening, i decided to go church-ing with senko by having this junk food for dinner as well...

Wendy's fried chicken and frosty

Frosty should not be on my list since I'm on a heavy flu but i insisted. after having those "real-trash" dinner and after church-ing,
i went back for home in cold again....

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