Thursday, November 13, 2008

mike,benny and ezra's party

i went to mike,benny and ezra's party at The rocks, The party was held for celebrating my 3 IBM friends (which i have mentioned before)..
i ate many steaks, tenderloin,pork, chicken, etc. for the dessert i ate chocolate-vanilla ice cream, pancakes and chocolate-vanilla syrup with oreo.. i could not take some photos of it since i did not bring my camera with me.. T.T
btw, hearing the foods i ate once more seems freaking me out T.T, i prefer to admit that i only ate the chicken one. Do not count other calories...

i wore my not favourite-old-dress which is definitely "i don't like dress". i remembered i only give chance to the dress once, in the past (months ago) and i swore i will not wear it anymore.. but tonight, i felt i have no dress for the birthday night and i realized i only wore this dress once.

So, this is my dress....
i wore a see-through chiffon dress, fringe bag and black charles and Keith shoes.

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