Sunday, February 3, 2013

Comfy Saturday

i Really Had an enjoying afternoon yesterday, listened to some Music while eating big lunch at home before heading out to teach.
I am listening to coldplay, aerosmith's but sometimes Morisson's is easy to find in my playlist as well as the killers. Not to mention that i also enjoy 50-60's blues.. so good....

The cropped top was from topshop. I bought it during my visitation to bali 2 weeks ago altogether with other stuffs. New highlight is the The heels i bought  from pretty isn't it?  Love to know that it helps me to look taller..

 photo _DSC0020_zpsed34ff81.jpg

 photo _DSC0019-2_zpsa47d1afe.jpg

 photo _DSC0008-1_zps743bc501.jpg

 photo _DSC0018-1_zps5d59a1d7.jpg