Sunday, February 3, 2013

Comfy Saturday

i Really Had an enjoying afternoon yesterday, listened to some Music while eating big lunch at home before heading out to teach.
I am listening to coldplay, aerosmith's but sometimes Morisson's is easy to find in my playlist as well as the killers. Not to mention that i also enjoy 50-60's blues.. so good....

The cropped top was from topshop. I bought it during my visitation to bali 2 weeks ago altogether with other stuffs. New highlight is the The heels i bought  from pretty isn't it?  Love to know that it helps me to look taller..

 photo _DSC0020_zpsed34ff81.jpg

 photo _DSC0019-2_zpsa47d1afe.jpg

 photo _DSC0008-1_zps743bc501.jpg

 photo _DSC0018-1_zps5d59a1d7.jpg

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Favorite Neon

i did take photos but this is the only photo possible to be posted,the other are blurry...
This Outfit was intended to be worn days ago but boyfriend, i mean fiancee refused seeing me wearing it so i took it off *sob*


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Post

It's 2013 already! Time surely walks so fast..Today is The 2nd day of January and some people have already back to work..
I did some outfit photos days ago, dont have the time to put it all at once in blog right now, but will take some times to upload it soon.
I love the sheer shirt personally. It was my mum's, i took it and paired it with crystal necklace, my tiered skirt (i made it by myself), my studded belt and black heels....and voila, it is my picks for New Year's Party!