Sunday, October 16, 2011


my new pants are totally favorite!!! i deliberately screamed to my sister, that i want the pants, the color is perfect for myself :)

wore this outfit to church and had dinner with boyfriend last Sunday......

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Eunica said...

i really really love your outfit posts! i spent hours and hours reading every single entry I reached the point where i can no longer find the "older post" button. hehe =)

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thanks heaps, honey ;)

decimal shoes said...

pretty :D
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ANGELA said...

You look so beautiful!!!Your outfit is amazing;)You have such a great taste in style;)Great blog!I would love to follow each other if you want too!!

ohvangosh said...

The trousers are just great and they suit your style! Chapeau, your outfit is super nice.

Cheap Flights said...

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Tereza said...

You have the cutest style! I loved browsing through your blog and seeing all your outfits!!!!

Hannah said...

Amazing outfit simple but sooo chic! Lovely blog

Abby said...

Love the top its so nice!

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Very nice colour! Suits you well

You're all welcome to check out my blog and follow me. I do most of my posts in English and Swedish.

RocĂ­o' said...


I love your Look !