Friday, December 24, 2010


A night of my christmas dinner. i was having about two-hundred-and-fourty-eight shots (to exaggerate) but i was to lazy to upload it here :D pardon me. buttttttt to make it more fun, i input outfit posts friends...

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me and sister
(best buddy at home, most of time being the photographer :)

it was a small celebration in a VIP room here, in my town in Indonesia and the guests were such my parents and grandparents' peers while me and sister were most seen spending time texting, sending messages in bb messenger and taking photo of the guests. nothing more...

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However, i found out that sister and cousins are getting bigger... TT im old enough to share more experiences of babysitting babies i think :(


Sienna said...

I am in love with your skirt!!!

fancy dress costumes said...

i am in love to by it.

Jeje said...

pretty outfit! polka dots skirt... they say anything with circles/round is lucky for new year :)

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Lauren said...

I love your outfits! The polka dot skirt was so cute, and the sleeves on the dress were adorable (: