Monday, November 9, 2009

weekdays and end


The weather is so damn hot recently, i have to flip my hair up cause i'm no ready to have sweats on my hair yet. you wont imagine,it is so ready to boil me in instant!


Olivia Liem said...

striped dressmu di first picture is gorgeous!!

Another loose black dress with golden strap is also fabulous!!

merek apa tinn dua2nya??pengen akuu..

Btw, u look very slim n sexy in the pictures ;) great job!

little heroine said...

hai cieeeee...

stripped dressnya punyanya dorothy perkins trus yang satunya punya body and soul.hehehehe

thanks cie!
anyway how the the diet goes?

u-ung said...

tineee..kamu kurus pol yah..!!bagus tuh dress e dorothy!!!

little heroine said...

@uung :kurus pol ya mosokkan ung?hehehe we should meet in real life,then you know im not thi.heheehehhe

iya bagus dress e dorothy tuu

Fitri said...

rambutnya keren ;;))

little heroine said...

thanks :)

Beki said...

Love your jeans! Sorry it took so long, but I linked you back!

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