Monday, October 26, 2009

random Facts


source: lelove

Thinking of Facts are sometimes hurtful.
i see it some on my past, some facts ran into my consciousness and remind me of some truth-hurtful facts.

i have been in a condition of saying "i have to die but i can't". It placed me in a feeling of being a trash, abandoned after had been fully-used.
It was a condition where i cannot sleep in one whole week and refused to be considered as alive.i counted my life day by day.
A condition of "do not let anybody knows, interferes or even know how i feel".
A condition of "smile makes everyone better, so you better fake some laughters or you may fail"
A principle that can be counted as "being far of society is better cause i wont bother anyone".
i should Thank God i have been graduated from school. so that none of my friend can see me being blurred out.

And Now,
i think i thank God that he made me to have my 21st birthday, still alive.

PS: to YOU, just please do not make it happen again cause i may fall deeper.


Olivia Liem said...

that's sad, but I can understand that feeling..been there, but gone through there alive and very much better..So, i know that u will be very much better also at the end of the day :) hepi bday once again,hehe..

PS: reply for ur comment on my post: fotoku ga keliatan ndut Tin, tp bagian2 tertentu itu, yg membuat semua clana lamaku ga muat,huxhuxhux..

little heroine said...

thanks cieee

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