Monday, April 20, 2009

things I am thinking about

Since I am away on duty,I can not oftenly blog.

I've been running here and there these days,feels like busy but actually I'm not.
Currently thinking on:
- marketing plan.This internship is making me insane. I wake up half an hour earlier than my friends but I arrive half an hour later than my friends. Still working on "my lateness habit".
Back to marketing plan, I must think of 4 possible programs to raise third funds while I must also do my thesis with remaining time of 40days,(I mean 39 days for exact calculation.)

- future activities
I do not realize that this is my last semester in IBM and actually I'm thinking of having scholarship for my master degree. Any ideas?? (Been thinking of french literature as first choice).
Friends are thinking to continue their education to Beijing while I'm a big chinese characters avoider.bless me.

Also, trying to post pic more often.

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