Thursday, January 1, 2009

weeks ago before christmas

ehehe..this is me trying to catch up on the blog with last pics from before the coming Christmas :)

Ichi, cie fefe, ko pipip,senko and me were having shopping day to BG junction...whoa...the christmas tree is so cute!!!! ahahaha, and if you want to see it, the tree is still there a BG Junction.hahaha

random pics :

ini foto pas pamit ke cc mau nyarik pulsa..
ahahaha.maap cie yahh dirimu sengajaaaaa...

Beside the shopping day, my grandma was having a birthday last 22nd of December 2008. Happy birthday Grandma!

my little cousin, gloria, was giving her sincerest smile for being shot :)

limited pics i took from the small party (it did very small since people who were coming to the party were my uncle's family, my current family, my untie's family and one or two of my grandma's relatives which were having similarity oldness)